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Short Code SMS Gateway Services in India What is Short code SMS?

Short code SMS and Long code SMS is an application to pull SMS from the sent SMS from the mobile phone. Basically Short code SMS are generally used for receiving the response used in marketing campaigns. Short code SMS numbers are those numbers which can be remembered very easily so that audience can remember and contact you instantly when they want. Short code SMS starts from 5 digits to 9 digits, for example, 56767 or 567676 or 5676767 or 56767676 or 567676767 respectively. On these shared short codes, you can get available keyword and start your short code SMS campaign.For instance, your company is “ABC Ltd.,” then you can create a keyword SMS as “ABCL” and run the campaign., when people send an SMS to 56767 and type abcl space with following text then you will get all the details in your short code SMS inbox.

What is Sub-Keyword SMS on Short code SMS?

Sub-Keyword SMS on Short code and Long code is the same application as Short code SMS. For small companies, those who cant afford high investments then they can opt for Sub-Keyword SMS on the same short codes with our Main Keyword like “TYPE”, “SEND”, “TYPO” etc.,For Instance, if your company name is “ABC” then you can opt the Sub-Keyword as “SEND ABC”, so if anyone sends the SMS to “SEND ABC”, you will retrieve those details in your Short code SMS Inbox.
Note: Keywords and Sub-Keywords will be applicable, if it is available only on our short codes and long codes. Get It Now....

SALIENT FEATURES OF SHORT CODE SMS Email marketing has been the cheapest advertising media. Some of the features are listed below.

Unlimited Sub-Keywords: If you are subscribing for Main Keyword then you will get Unlimited Sub-Keywords.
Full Report: You will get complete report by state-wise report, operator-wise report, Number-wise Report, etc.,
2 Way SMS Option: You will have the option for Pushing SMS and Pulling SMS on the same Web Panel.
Auto Reply: You can set your own Auto Reply message.
Free Auto Reply SMS: You will get 1 Free SMS for sending Auto Reply.
Easy Retrieval (URL): You can set the URL and retrieve all the Short code SMS reports on your specified URL.
Easy Retrieval (E-mail): You can set the E-mail and retrieve all the reports on your specified E-mail ID.
Easy Retrieval (SMS): You can set the Mobile Number and retrieve all the reports on your specified Mobile number.

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