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Long Code SMS Service Provider India What is Short code SMS?

Are you looking for a Two-Way SMS using Long code SMS communicator service for voting and polling purposes? Or are you a campaign manager, wanting to promote value added services? Then Long Code SMS service is the best way to have a direct interaction with your targeted customers. This service is majorly used to generate leads or receive valuable feedback and opinions from the esteemed customers. Based on a campaign, clients can text keywords to long codes and receive an appropriate message or feedback for the same.

Long Code SMS service is nothing but a 10 digitd dedicated mobile number which is used for SMS campaigns and other value added services between organization and its clients.
Note: Keywords and Sub-Keywords will be applicable, if it is available only on our short codes and long codes. Get It Now....

Long Code SMS Various services like

Voting for a reality show on television.
Take part in surveys or contests.
Giving feedback.
Participating in voting and polling.
Automated lead generation.
Online subscriptions.
Easy Retrieval (E-mail): You can set the E-mail and retrieve all the reports on your specified E-mail ID.
Marketing or promoting Media Entertainment news.
Examination results.

can be tracked via Long code SMS service.

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The major advantage is one can receive SMS from anywhere in the world. Where as with Short Code SMS services it is limited to particular country only. Also one has an added advantage of low cost long code SMS services as compared to short code services. With Long Code SMS service, one can choose a mobile number of his own choice as it has a dedicated number. It also offers Instant response and real-time web reporting status. No wonder, these services are mainly used for online surveys, polling results where one can expect real time results. BizBow is Long Code SMS service provider offering dedicated 10 digits mobile number for promoting offers and product details. With our long code SMS service, we offer best of mobile marketing opportunity to communicate effectively with your customers anywhere in the world.


Unlimited Sub-Keywords: If you are subscribing for Main Keyword then you will get Unlimited Sub-Keywords.
Full Report: You will get complete report by state-wise report, operator-wise report, Number-wise Report, etc.,
2 Way SMS Option: You will have the option for Pushing SMS and Pulling SMS on the same Web Panel.
Auto Reply: You can set your own Auto Reply message.
Free Auto Reply SMS: You will get 1 Free SMS for sending Auto Reply.
Easy Retrieval (URL): You can set the URL and retrieve all the Short code SMS reports on your specified URL.
Easy Retrieval (E-mail): You can set the E-mail and retrieve all the reports on your specified E-mail ID.
Easy Retrieval (SMS): You can set the Mobile Number and retrieve all the reports on your specified Mobile number.