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Toll Free SMS Services in India What is Toll Free SMS?

Toll Free SMS can be in various forms and can be used for better marketing and sales strategy. BizBow Offering Toll Free SMS for the Website Owners who can rely and improvise the sales for the company. Toll Free SMS are free for Website visitors and paid by the website owner. When a visitor visits the site and need immediate response from the company then he sends the toll free SMS to the website owner or sales staff to furnish him the required details. Sales staff can receive enquiries even if they are on move and contact the visitor at his fingertips and which helps for customers to have confidence in the company.

BizBow is one such service provider which offers best of the schemes to all its clients. Our dedicated SMS gateway allows users to send out free SMS.


BizBow offers Marketing SMS Services, can be used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services. Some of the features are listed below.

Global Reach: Customers can reach you through your website from all over the world at a click of a button in the form of sms and you can immediately respond to the query. No Charges on the sms will be billed to the website visitor.
Instant Reach: Your website visitor can reach in seconds through a sms when he fills the enquiry form on your website and your sales staff immediately attend to the issue or marketing query.
Get Connected: You can connect your sales staff and your customers in no time.
Build Confidence: Your customer will have confidence in your service with your quick response.
Easy Accessibility: Your customer can access your relevant department very easily. You can create multiple sms account for different departments and receive relevant messages to boost your customer confidence.
Get SMS on Multiple Numbers: Yes, you can allocate all your sales staff mobile numbers at once and all of them will receive sms.
Limited Accessibility: We have limited one message per Computer so that no one can send multiple messages from one system. Your SMS will not be wasted.
Website Servicve

SGC offers Paid or Free Toll Free SMS Script / Services for its clients


Select the Package: Initially you need to select the right package, it can be lifetime or yearly basis.
Sign Up: After making the payment then you need to sign up for Toll Free Sms Services.
Toll Free Sms Script: Then you can insert our Toll Free Sms Script on your website.
Receive Enquiry on your Phone: Once you run our Toll Free Sms Script on your site then you will start receiving the enquiry on your phone.
Close the Deal: Whether it is sales enquiry or technical, you can close the deal as quick as possible by satisfying your client.

Toll Free Sms can be useful for any website owners who are into

Banking and Insurance Sectors.
Automotive Industries & their Network.
Direct Marketing Companies.
E commerce and Shopping websites.
Educational Sectors.
Real Estate Sectors.
Advertising Companies.
Service Oriented Sectors.
Ticketing Companies.
Travel and Hotel Industry.
Transport and Logistics Sectors.
Health Care Sectors.
IT, Software and Hardware Sectors.