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One Time Password Verification SMS Every day, We makes happy customers.

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OTP SMS Service Provider

A one time password (OTP) is a watchword that is legitimate for one and only login session or transaction, on a PC framework or other digital gadget. One Time Passwords (OTPs) sent through SMS offer the comfort of utilizing a cellular telephone while including the security of out-of-band conveyance. Cellular phones are one of the important gadgets the vast majority of people carry and effectively secure. SMS offers a commonplace stage for OTP delivery without the requirement for organizations to possess, disperse, or supplant standalone conveyance gadgets. SMS can likewise assume a vital part for organizations who use another kind of OTP verification, for example, a 4 to 8 digits random Token. In these cases, SMS content delivery is a safe approach to affirm the token was at first circulated to the right client, or if the token is lost or broken, SMS goes about as the safeguard for OTP delivery until the token is used or replaced.

OTP SMS Gateway Provider

BizBow does now have exclusive pipeline for OTP SMS delivery. SMS delivery will be instant to the recipient with the fail-safe method. Our exclusive OTP SMS Gateway will only allow who sends out OTPs to their clients. Hence, this requires pre-approved SMS template to use this gateway. Get It Now....


Super High Priority Gateway
Template based only
1 Year Validity
Static Alpha Sender ID
24 x 7 Delivery
DND Numbers Delivered

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